These 10 Benefits of Yoghurt Will Surprise You!

Yoghurt currently being a stardom in a superfood variety. Many people mostly from the young generations starting a lot of topics discussion on how good yoghurt impacting their daily activity.
Are you the one on that category? If you were the one, that is a awesome, just keep going to consume it on your daily dairy intake because the lists below will give you much more enlightenment on how good yoghurt is for your body health. Like what being said on Times of India, below are the 10 benefits of yoghurt for your body:

1. Easy to digest


Many people having lactose intolerance, the active culture on yoghurt making it a safe dairy product to be consumed by them because it helps the digestive process

2. Contain good bacteria

Yoghurt contain probiotic which can help your digestion organ to function better and strengthen your immune system

3. Good for your bone

The vitamin D and calcium on yoghurt help you to keep your bone healthy and help to prevent osteoporosis

4. Lower blood pressure


The substance that is good to help maintain your blood pressure, potassium, is one of the other good things that coming from a bowl of yoghurt

5. Good for immune system

The probiotic on yoghurt help to stimulate white blood cells production which can be a shield to defense your body health for any virus and bacteria

6. Good for your skin

Having a beautiful flawless skin is not a dream, prove it with yoghurt face mask!

7. Tons of Vitamins on it!

You still questioned what’s on your bowl of yoghurt?

8. Healthy Miss V

For girls and women out there, here is your chance to keep your Miss V happy and healthy!

9. Healthy Digestive System

This as mentioned above relate to help the work on your colon, bowel, all the way on the digestive system.

10. DIET!


This one thing alone can makes never ending topic discussion, the result of course is not to be questioned about!

Get it? if you were still hesitating to start your daily intake of yoghurt, it’s never too late. Go follow this link and grab your YUMMY Yogurt with the taste that you like!


Originally posted 2018-04-17 18:24:48.

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